Yogurt Cheese

Labneh is a simple cheese made from yogurt. It’s especially popular at breakfast time with some flat bread, cucumbers, zaatar, and tomatoes.


Makes 4 servings
  • Fresh yogurt
    • 1 quart
  • Salt
    • 1/2 teaspoon
  • Extra virgin olive oil
    • To taste
  • Fresh herbs (Mint, Oregano, Basil, etc)
    • To your tastes, for garnishing.


  1. Line a fine mesh strainer or colander with cheesecloth or paper towels.
  2. Mix the salt and yogurt together and pour into the lined strainer.
  3. Gather up the ends of the cloth and tie them together.
  4. You can either let the ball of yogurt hang over a deep pot by sliding a wooden spoon through the knot and resting it over the top of the pot or you can leave it in the colander and put something heavy on top of it. Either way, refrigerate the yogurt while it strains.
  5. Let it drain for at least eight hours to get a spreadable consistency.
  6. To serve as a dip, spread the labneh into a bowl and drizzle it with olive oil. You can dip it with cucumbers or a sprinkle of zaatar as well.